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Chip Shine, Inc. is a high tech company devoted to the manufacturing of high end semiconductor probes, sockets, interface pins, test probes, springs, and connectors.  With almost 50 years of experience, Chip Shine, Inc has created a global footprint in the ATE industry.

These probes are used in the field of testing SEMICONDUCTORS, IC, High Current, ICT/FCT, and PCB applications. Also, they are used for testing 
HIF facilities, magnetic recording heads, liquid crystals and the package of LCD, LED, PCB, and ICT.  We provide the highest quality of service
throughout the United States and globally.  Our state of the art test facilities which houses the likes of an extensive metallographic lab and Scanning 
Electron Microscope are examples of the equipment in place to support our product testing/failure analysis activities.  All products follow ISO
standards, UL standards, and RoHS standards. Besides the standard products in the catalog, we also design customized probes for your special 

We guarantee our high quality and commitment to continuously serve our customers which includes ASE, Apple, Hisilicon, and Spreadtrum.

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